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  • 110cc Kandi Go-Kart$1500, or OTD.... $1697.50 cash price..... 2% more if you pay with any plastic.
  • 110cc Kandi Go-Kart$1500, or OTD.... $1697.50 cash price..... 2% more if you pay with any plastic.
  • 110cc Kandi Go-Kart$1500, or OTD.... $1697.50 cash price..... 2% more if you pay with any plastic.
  • 110cc Kandi Go-Kart$1500, or OTD.... $1697.50 cash price..... 2% more if you pay with any plastic.
  • 110cc-Kandi-Go-Kart-(3)$1500, or OTD.... $1697.50 cash price..... 2% more if you pay with any plastic.
  • 110cc Kandi Go-Kart$1500, or OTD.... $1697.50 cash price..... 2% more if you pay with any plastic.
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      110CC/Single Cylinder/4 STROKE/
      Automatic (Optional Reverse) 
      Engine brand : Kandi USA 
      Displacement : 110cc 
      Cooling : Air-cooled 
      Max horsepower : 6.6hp/ 8000rpm 
      Max Speed : 35Mph+ Depends on Rider Weight and Street Condition 
      Engine Oil 10W35 
      Starter System : Electric Start(CDI) 
      Muffler Tuned Sport Exhaust 
      Long:67" Wide:42" Tall:45"
      Tire Size: 12" Front & Rear 
      Size : 63"x 41"x 36", Pedal to Seat 29 
      Battery : 12V/6Ah
      Fuel capacity : 7 Liter  

Driving Distance 40Miles 
Gear oil : 85W/40 
Clutch : NO (Automatic) 
Transmission : CVT 
Driveline : CHAIN-drive 
Driving wheel : Rear wheel drive 
Suspension,front : Double arm-swing 
Brakes,: Rear Hydraulic Disc 
Brake operation : Foot 
Max Load : 290 Lbs. 
Frame Work: Steel 
Regularation EPA 


KD-110GKT-2 $1850



      Model:   KD-110GKT-2
      Engine Type :  110cc/Single Cylinder/4 Stroke/
      Semi-Automatic 3 speed with Reverse,Air Cooling  
      Ignition Type :  CDI 
      Start :  Electric Start  
      Final Drive :  Chain Drive 
      Brakes(F/R) :   Disk Brake 
      Max Horsepower :  6.16 HP 
      Max Speed   :  31.06 MPH 
      Weight Capacity(Lbs) :   352 

Wheelbase(inch) :   59.44 
Type of Gasoline :   Unleaded No.90 or Higher 
Tire Size(F/R) :  145x70-6, 16x8-7 
Battery :  12V9AH 
Fuel Tank :  2 L 
G.W/N.W (Lbs) :  397/291 
Dimensions(inch :  77x48x52.7 
Carton Dimensions(inch?:  79x46x24 
Other :  Headlight, Horn 

KD-49FM5 $1850


    Engine type :  110CC Single Cylinder, 4-stroke, Air Cooled 
    Transmission System :  Semi-Automatic 3 Speed with Reverse 
    Cooling :  Air Cooled 
    Max Speed :   31 + (Depending on Riders Weight and Road Condition 
    Exhaust :  Pipe Muffler 
    Starter System  :  Electric Start (CDI) 
    Brake System :  Hydraulic Disk  
    Tire Size:  FRONT - 145x70-6
    REAR - 16x8-7"  

    Size L x W x H :  69"(L) x 48" (W) x 55" (H)  
    Drive:  Chain Drive, Rear Wheel Drive 
    Battery: :  12v.9Ah 
    Wheelbase:  50 inch 
    Gas Tank Capacity :  0.5 gallon 
    Torque :  4.8/5500-6500rpm 
     Weight:  N.W./ G.W.: 326.6/401.6 
    Dimensions (L x W x H)  69x46.9x53.4 inch  
    Carton Dimensions(LxWxH):  6.9x44.9x25 inch 
    Regulatory:  Off-Road use only 

KD-49FM5-E $1500


    Model:   KD-49FM5-E
    Engine type :  110CC 4 STROKE All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Go - Kart 
    Seat :  Adjustable Bench 
    Transmission System :  Automatic with Reverse 
    Cooling :  Air Cooled 
    Max Speed :   30-35MPH (Depends on the condition of road and driver's weight) 
    Exhaust  Pipe Muffler 
    Starter System :  Electric Start (CDI) 
    Brake System   Front & REAR Disc  
    Tire Size:  FRONT - 145x70-6"

    REAR - 16x8-7"  
    Size L x W x H :  69" x 48" x 55"  
    Gauges :  Front HEADLIGHT & TAILLIGHT 
    Drive:  Chain & Gear Rear Driven 
    Battery: :  12v.6.5Ah 
    Gas Tank:   0.5 Gallon 
    Range:  100 miles 
     Weight:  N.W./ G.W.: 287/295 lbs  
    Climbing   ≥25   
    Frame Work:   STEEL 
    Regulatory:  Off-Road use only 

KD-150GKM-2 $1500


    Model :   KD-150GKM-2
    Dimensions (L x W x H, mm) :  2310 x 1170 x 600  
    Weight (kg) :  230  
    Loading Capacity :  160kg ( 2 perseon )  
    Engine type :   Single Cylinder, 4-stroke, Wind Cooled 
    Exhaust (ml) :  149.6  
    From of transmission :  CVT (with back gear)  

    Emission control (with need) :  HC:N/A,CO:35g/km,HC+NO:1.5g/km 
    Highest Speed (km/h) :  60 
    Front Type/Air Pressure :   19x7-8 10P.S.I  
    Rear Type/Air Pressure :   18x9.5-8 15P.S.I  
    Battery :  12V 9Ah  
    Safety Fuse :  15A  
     Fuel tank (L):   6.0 

ATV Wholesale Outlet strongly suggests contacting your local Law Enforcement,  Rangers Station,  or Off Road Parks for any and all laws pertaining to the use of any ATV’s,  Dirt Bikes,  Pit Bikes,  Go-Karts or other off road vehicles. It is the sole responsibility of the Buyer to do any and all research regarding applicable laws for the use of these products.  A certified safety class is suggested for all riders as well. 
It is your responsibility alone to make sure the vehicle You are considering to purchase is legal in your area BEFORE you buy it. This applies to all ATV’s,  Dirt Bikes,  Pit Bikes,  Go-Karts,  On Road Scooters,  or Motorcycles you consider purchasing. Once a vehicle is purchased,  & you find out later that it’s not legal in your area,  it does not fit your needs, or you just don’t like it,  sorry,   but there are no returns or refunds for any reason.
We strongly suggest using any and all types of protection equipment when riding your ATV or Motorcycle. Certain States have Helmets laws, while others do not. Still,   We Strongly suggest you wear a helmet at all times. Knee & Elbow Pads,  Gloves,  Goggles,  Boots,  Chest Protectors and more are important as well. Please use caution when riding,  as this is not a safe sport. All Customers assume full responsibility, and full liability when riding any of our vehicles. ATV Wholesale Outlet & it’s employees can not,  and will not be held responsible for any damage or injury caused or inflicted from the use of our vehicles.  PLEASE RIDE SAFELY & OBEY ALL LAWS!!
Please be aware most of these vehicles are made in China.  Misprints are common of Engine Horse Power, exact engine cc size with in 5-10cc,  top speed,  weight,  weight limits and other info.  Typos are also common in the Instruction Booklets, brochures, flyers and provided information from them that we have up on our web sites. Often the information supplied does not explain everything you need to know about this vehicle! Please understand we are only resellers of the vehicles.  The Manufactures stated specs & information are not guaranteed by the re-seller or importer. If you have any questions, please DO NOT hesitate to call us prior to operating your new vehicle. Please make sure to thoroughly check the safety and condition of your vehicle before, and after each use.