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Four Strokes are California Green Sticker Approved  (C.A.R.B.) & USA EPA 


ATV WHOLESALE OUTLET STRONGLY SUGGEST  using any and all types of protection when riding your ATV or Motorcycle. Some states have helmet laws, others do not. For your own protection you should at all times wear a helmet, goggles, and gloves and additionally knee and elbow pads, and chest protectors are recommended. Please use caution when riding. All Customers assume full responsibility, and full liability when riding any ATV or Motorcycle. ATV Wholesale Outlet & its employees are not responsible for any damage or injury occurring while riding. PLEASE RIDE SAFELY & OBEY ALL LAWS!!
It is your responsibility to be sure your vehicle is legal in your area BEFORE you buy it. This applies to all electric scooters, Kids 4 Wheelers, & Pit Bikes you consider purchasing. There are no returns or refunds if you buy your scooter, bike or any other vehicle online or in our stores and then find out it’s not legal in your area.
We are resellers of Chinese vehicles. Most of these vehicles/toys are made in Asia, and translations of manufactures specs & information are sometimes inaccurate. We have found misprints regarding engine size, speed, weight, and weight limits in the instruction booklets, brochures, and flyers. Please call us with questions prior to operating your new toy. Please make sure to thoroughly check the safety of your vehicle and its condition before and after each use.